Promote your technology to the best

Reach high-skilled developers, create reusable content while staying home!

With The Best is the largest online conference series for developers

During 2 days, developers attend multiple tech talks on a specific technology led by field experts. A gold mine for dev seekers.

We record your talk so you can promote it on your developer portal.

Get ahead of the game with a new format that developers are attracted of.

Logo integrations (mail & website) and one tutorial hosted on the conference blog.

30-minute video talk

Unlimited 1:1 sessions

High visibility

Use them as incentives on social media or rewards for your dev operations.

20 tickets included

Your team can stay home, the whole event is online and hosted on our platform.

No travel required

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Need to train your tech team?

Run an internal conference and leverage our network of experts

You want your own WTB?

Contact us, we can tailor a dedicated conference for you.




400+ experts ready to help with Blockchain, IoT, AI, VR, Swift and other cutting-edge technologies

A plug & play conferencing platform tailored for online training. We can customize it to fit your brand.

Working in a distributed team? Train everybody at the same time using the power of online conferences.

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